Cat Primary Clutch Rebuild Kits

We have now put together a complete kit of components that are made in the USA to rebuild Arctic Cat clutches. Most Cat owners know that Cat does not offer these rebuild kits as they do not feel the consumer is qualified to disassemble the clutch. We know many tuners and shops that are more than qualified and have the proper tools to do this.

The Clutch Rebuild (ACCRK1) kit includes all the high wear parts in one kit. The Spider Kit (ACSK1), cover fiber bearing with new circlip (CAB216), and the moveable sheave fiber bearing with a new retainer ring (CAB218). These will fit most primary clutches from 1995-2015 (33mm clutches).

We also offer the Spider Kit and bearings separately so you can replace only the worn parts in your clutch. If you have a cracked spider we have a Heavy Duty one in either SAE or metric thread (ACBSP or ACBSPM). Spider shims are also available to change belt grip.

Keep your Cat’s clutch working properly and not only get better performance but increase belt life and get increased mpg. When it comes to Cat clutching, we have put the seat time in with trail riding and racing since 1971 and have a good idea as to what works.ACCRK1