Determine Track Pitch and Length

There is a bit of confusion regarding track pitch and length. These are two inter-related items and one cannot change without affecting the other. First is the pitch which is the center to center distance between the lugs or bars of the track. Most tracks will be a 2.52″ for older models with new models going to a 2.86″ pitch. Many newer mountain sleds have a 3.0″ and even a few have stretched out to 3.5″ pitch. Why all the choices? See Random Thoughts on this matter as we are covering how to measure your track in this article.

Pitch: With a section of track on a flat surface, measure the length of 10 lugs. This will acutually be 11 from end to end and divide that number by 10 for the pitch of your track. See the photos which show a total of 28.6 inches, divide by 10 and we get a pitch of 2.86″ for this track.

Length: To find the length we count the number of bars or lugs and then multiply this number by the pitch. The track above has 48 lugs times the pitch of 2.86 and we get 137.28 for a 137″ track.

An interesting thing can happen as with a popular mountain track the 154 or 155. This track has 54 lugs with a 2.86″ pitch which equals 154.44″. Polaris rounds this number up and calls it a 155 and others round down for a 154″. I would bet the marketing people at Polaris rounded up to look like they had a 1″ advantage, such is the advertising world.