SideWinder Secondary Rollers

New fiber rollers for the 2017-2018 Yamaha SideWinder secondary roller clutch. The stock rollers are made from injection molded plastic (you will see some cheap aftermarket rollers of the same quality so beware) to meet low cost manufacturing specifications. These rollers come out of the molds with not too accurate tolerances but can be made very fast and for just few dollars. Poor tolerances allow the rollers to wobble on their pivot bolt and not be totally concentric. Our rollers are machined from a dense, composite, fiber material designed to take stress with no lubrication. We hold tolerances to .0005″ for smooth clutch action and include a stainless steel washer (no corrosion) to protect the outer surface of roller and eliminate friction. The stock setup lets the plastic rub on the casting which cause friction and excessive roller wear. Includes 3 rollers, 3 stainless steel washers, and instructions, see them in the Clutching and Yamaha sections.