ZR200 – Sno Scoot Rollers

The 2018 Arctic Cat ZR200 and Yamaha Sno Scoot are a great little sled with a real primary and secondary clutch. Just like the big sleds, the manufacturer has decided to cut costs and use a molded plastic roller in the secondary clutch. These rollers (like all molded parts) are cheap and easy to produce but do not have very good tolerances. They flop on the pin and will flatten under load with time just like the big sleds.

Our fiber rollers are the same material that we use in all our secondary rollers and have proven themselves with thousands of miles and used in sleds with over 200 horsepower. The little ZR and Sno Scoot with their 9 hp motor can use any extra efficiency they can and this is an easy way to get more power to the ground. See them in the Arctic Cat, Yamaha, or Clutch sections of this website listed as Clutch Rollers.